Project Personnel



Partha Mitra, PhD
Professor, CSHL
Brain Architecture Project Principal Investigator
Daniel D. Ferrante, Ph.D.
Scientific Manager, CSHL
Data Analysis, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
Ferenc Mechler, PhD
Scientific Informatics Analyst, CSHL
Data Analysis, Electrophysiology

Brain Architecture Pipeline

Alexander Tolpygo
Laboratory Manager, CSHL
Engineering and Experimental Pipeline
Stephen Savoia
Mouse Brain: Pipeline Technician, CSHL
Injection, Imaging, Immunohistochemistry
James Mulhern
Mouse Brain: Pipeline Technician, CSHL
3D Tech Prototyping, Sectioning, Imaging
Michael Weber
Mouse Brain: Pipeline Technician, CSHL
Injection, Imaging
Zachary Lodato
Mouse Brain: Pipeline Technician, Henry Jackson Foundation
Sectioning, Imaging
Lauryn Cartagine
Research Intern, CSHL
Immunohistochemistry, Imaging
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